Through the Eyes of the Maasai ™

Experience rich wildlife safaris, by foot or by car, knowing that your trip is also providing support to the local community through employment and funding of projects for education, health, and conservation.

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Cultural Immersion

MajiMotoWeb-266When you are with us, you are with your Maasai family living an authentic traditional life, rather than seeing a commercial camp set up strictly for entertainment. You will get to know the Maasai people living and working in the camp, visit their traditional homes, and get insight to their daily lives.

Warrior Training: Try your skill at spear throwing, close up warrior battle, fire making, and much more. Village Life: Experience the homes, cooking, water fetching, and other daily life activities. Cultural Activities: Hear the songs and stories of the warriors around the camp fire, or plan for a ceremony of blessing and celebration. Walking with the Maasai: Experience the hills and plains as the Maasai do, on foot. Learn about how they survive in the wildness, and use holy and medicinal plants from nature.

Featured Video: Africa’s Maasai Tribe Faces Threat of Extinction. The Maasai are one of the most culturally distinct tribes in Africa. Their nomadic way of life is under threat. Will the changes that come with land rights, education, religion and modernization change this tribe forever?  Meeri Tuya from Maji Moto shares her thoughts on being Maasai in a changing world.

Accommodations & Activities

MajiMotoWeb-315Our camp is in the vast savannah at the base of the Loita Hills. Sleep in traditional Maasai manyattas (mud huts) with added comforts, or in small tents amid aloe vera, acacia and euphorbia trees. Enjoy nature walks, cultural activities, bathing in the hot springs. >>More Info

Community Connection

4MaasaiMenTraveling with us sustains the community with employment, sales of jewelry and crafts, and job training. It protects the environment, keeping the land in its natural state with eco-friendly facilities. And, a portion of every tour price goes to support local projects, such as:

The Enkiteng Lepa Primary School, incorporates Maasai culture and exceptional learning, with scholarship for vulnerable kids. The Community Health Clinic, provides care to people without means to travel to the distant medical facilities. The Widow’s Village, protects and empowers women who are widows, living with AIDS, or rescued from early marriage. The Medungi Conservation, establishes protection for land, wildlife,holy and medicinal plants and trees, and culture

Traveler’s Thoughts

MajiMotoWeb-339“People told me that “Africa changes you” and I didn’t understand it until I experienced it myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the manyatta hut in Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp. Salaton Ole Ntutu, is an excellent host and guide, providing access and a view into the Maasai culture that I will never forget”

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