Africa’s Maasai Tribe Faces Threat of Extinction

The Maasai are one of the most culturally distinct tribes in Africa. They can be found in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania but their nomadic way of life is under threat. Will the changes that come with land rights, education, religion and modernization change this tribe forever?

Mama Tembo Tours Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp, Kenya

Located on the Maji Moto Maasai Group Ranch near the Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Maji Moto camp is the creation of Maasai Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu. Spend a few days with Salaton on foot in the nearby Loita Hills and learn about Maasai culture firsthand. Hellen Nkuraiya’s Village of Protection for Maasai women is located at Maji Moto.

Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa

One travelers experience of Maji Moto and Maasai Mara.


Salaton Ole Ntutu and Dr. Andrew Lustig on Sante Fe Radio Cafe

Thursday, February 21, 2013, Listen to the podcast