Our Partners

We collaborate with partners from around the world to fortify and sustain our community through charitable donations, tourism that brings employment and job training, and awareness of cultural and environmental issues and solutions.Below are some of the organizations and companies who are currently supporting our community efforts. Donate Through Our Partner
GoPhilanthropic Foundation

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Enkiteng Lepa Foundation

Salaton Ole Ntutu is a founding leader of the Enkiteng Lepa Foundation in his Maji Moto community. Through this organization and other endeavors, he supports education projects, food programs, health assistance, preservation of land culture, and other community need priorities. A portion of each stay at Salaton’s Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp, or travel on his treks and safaris, goes to community projects in the Maji Moto community.


Nariku Travel Experiences

Susan Deslaurier, founder of Nariku Travel Experiences, partners with Salaton Ole Ntutu to  lead tours that connect you with real people, living traditional lives and leading their communities in preserving their culture while fostering education, health and self-sustaining livelihood. You become a part of the life, rhythm and spirit of the community, and come away with deepened understanding of other cultures’ beauty, challenges, and the amazing people who are coming together to build a better world. You will stay in Salaton’s Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp, and a portion of each visit will be donated to Maji Moto community projects.

Nature and Inter Cultural Expeditions (NICE) Safaris

Fellow Maasai and friend to Salaton, Johnson Ole Kaunga, offers an alternative adventure outfit, combining heritage tourism, wild escapes, camel treks, study tours, volunteer placement and more. Their mission is to alleviate poverty among the indigenous Maasai and Samburu communities through community based and owned ventures such as ethno-ecotourism, and eco-safaris/study tours. Through their enriching safaris and holidays, individuals, families and groups draw satisfaction and happiness from the respect and value for the Maasai and Samburu communities, heritage, the environment and the wildlife conservation.

GoPhilanthropic Foundation

This organization connects donors to a carefully selected group of grassroots organizations around the world providing effective, creative and sustainable solutions to global issues. They take the relationship a step further by bringing to life the people behind these great programs and inviting you to join them in engaging as well. Go Philanthropic has partnered with Maji Moto and is assisting across several of their programs including education, vocational development, and installation of solar power.

Jamii Moja

The mission of this organization is to work with African communities to create infrastructure that promotes microenterprise, sustainable farming, land conservation, education, healthcare and women’s advocacy. Their vision is to empower independent African communities to thrive through the establishment of sustainable programs. Jamii Moja is a key supporter of the Enkiteng Lepa School and community clinic in Maji Moto, as well as having providing much needed water through a nearby borehole project.

Asante Africa Foundation

This nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing quality education to children in East Africa through partnerships with communities and work with local program managers. We envision African communities and families in which children have the opportunity to receive QUALITY education to define their futures. They have contributed to construction at the Enkiteng Lepa School in the past, provide scholarships for local students, and continue to fund education projects in the surrounding community.

Friends in the Netherlands

Former visitors to Maji Moto from the Netherlands have become friends and supporters for Salaton Ole Ntutu and his community. They hold fundraisers and seek grants for specific projects in Maji Moto, including construction of new classrooms at the Enkiteng Lepa School to add grade levels in the coming three years so that it can continue to advance students to each next grade level up to Class