Helping the Community

Maji Moto community has come together to improve health, education, the environment, and ensure a sustainable livelihood for all. Salaton is a co-founder of Enkiteng Lepa community-based organization, as a leader in maintaining cultural values, ceremonies and traditions, while striving to eliminate harmful practices such as female circumcision, early marriage, and lack of education. Salaton leads his people in collaborating with international foundations on projects and ongoing efforts to improve the health and future of their people. Donate Through Our Partner
GoPhilanthropic Foundation

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Hear Salaton Ole Ntutu talk about the effort to stop female circumcision and early marriage, as well as meet some of the people from Maji Moto.

Traveling with us helps sustain the local community with employment and job training. It also protects the environment by keeping the land in its natural state with eco-friendly facilities. In addition, a portion of every tour price goes to support local projects, such as:

MajiMotoWeb-388Enkiteng Lepa Primary School

Incorporating Maasai culture in an exceptional learning environment, with sponsorship for vulnerable kids.

Community Health Clinic

Providing care to people without means to travel the great distance to the nearest medical facility.

LargeWomanGroupWidow’s Village

Created for the protection and empowerment of women who are widowed, living with AIDS, or rescued from early marriage.

Medungi Conservation

Establishing a protected land for holy and medicinal plants and trees, and cultural ceremonies. It also protects wildlife, including migrating elephants, and provides training opportunities for youth rangers interested in a future in wildlife conservation and guiding and beekeeping. Also supporting water conservation and reuse of waste water.

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